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                In a world where new technologies and different trends arising, we can say that we already living in a hi-tech definition world. In our persuasion to achieve a new generation. We tend to neglect our environmental responsibilities and fail to observe that our nature is being destroyed little by little. In this matter sometimes we are being blind and deaf just to gain money and become wealthy. That’s when “We only realize the worth of water when it’s already in its extinct”. So in order to save our almost eradicated bodies of water the Bureau of Fire Protection-Zambales coordinated with the different government agencies in taking part in International

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              Success in and out of sports is directly related to the investments that you are willing to put. To win the glorious triumphs, it is not just about doing your best but to do whatever it takes, to drive us to do just a little bit more, to go a little harder, run a little faster, and make extra jumps to reach the gold tagged along with flaming victory. 

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In line with his 4K Programs (4 Kahandaan Programs) under the Kalusugan aspect which aims to promote the health and wellness of every BFP personnel, CSUPT ALOVEEL B FERRER gladly lead all the BFP Regional Office III Officers and staff, FAIIC Class “Maalab” 2016, and Class “Masidhi-Alab” fire recruits danced to the groove of lively music on 13 October 2016 held at Barangay Juliana Covered Court, City of San Fernando, Pampanga.

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