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6th Central Luzon Fire Olympics witnessed and participated by various Industrial Fire Brigades  and BFP personnel under Male and Female Categories, spearheaded by the diligent Regional Director of Bureau of Fire Protection Region III, CSUPT ALOVEEL B FERRER, DPA held at the field of Regional Headquarters III, New Public Market, Del Pilar, City of San Fernando, Pampanga.

As conducted annually, 6th Central Luzon Fire Olympics 2016, aim to sharpen and enhance the firefighting skills of the BFP personnel as well as the Industrial Fire Brigades. Trainings that will develop their knowledge and skills to keep them physically, mentally and psychologically ready to respond in the event of conflagration, calamities and other related emergencies.

Furthermore, the said event promotes and improves camaraderie to keep the partnership between the Industrial Fire Brigades and BFP personnel. To provide awareness to the community regarding fire prevention, fire suppression and rescue operations.

In this event, the first ever female firefighting category was conducted where female firefighters showcase their skills and knowledge regarding firefighting skills and rescue. This shows an equal opportunity for both men and women in relation with their job as firefighters.

Moreover, to prevent destructive fires, Industrial companies are mandated by law under the Fire Code of the Philippines of Bureau of Fire Protection.

Rule 5, Division 2 of Republic Act of 9514 otherwise known as the Fire Code of the Philippines of 2008 states that, “All business establishment employing at least fifty (50) persons shall, in addition to the requirements set forth under sec. 7 of RA 9514 for the grant of Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (FSIC), establish an organization of fire brigade to deal with fire and other related emergencies. The head of the company, through its duly designated safety officer shall evaluate the potential magnitude of a fire emergency within the company, and the availability of firefighting assistance from the Bureau of Fire Protection to determine the nature of the organization to be established.”

The participation of Industrial Fire Brigades is important to protect the company which is their source of income to fulfill the needs and necessities of their family. The knowledge and skills about fire safety and rescue can be used and applied in their homes and share among their families and to the community.

According to CSUPT FERRER, through the cooperation and effort of Barangay and Industrial Fire Brigades within the seven (7) provinces of Region III, fire incidents last year decreased into 36% from all the seven (7) provinces of the Region III. That can be attributed into the intensified campaign of Bureau of Fire Protection.

“This success was achieved not only through the effort of BFP personnel but also through the cooperation and participation of public and private company brigades, Barangay Fire Brigades and the whole community.” CSUPT FERRER added.

The simultaneous turning on of the firetrucks’ siren signalized the start of the competition.

Participants of the event includes Industrial Fire Brigades, BFP personnel in seven (7) provinces of Region III from Aurora, Bulacan, Bataan, Tarlac, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, and Zambales. Male category are under inter district of the seven provinces whereas Female Category is by province.

Among the firefighting skills competed under Male Category includes; Hose on Shoulder Relay, Rescue and Transfer Relay Operations, Pump and Roll with Turret Target, Raising Ladder and Blitz Attack. Whereas, under Female Category includes; Hose on Shoulder Relay, Pump and Roll with Turret Target and Blitz Attack. Lastly, under Industrial Category includes; Rescue and Transfer Relay Operations, Combination of Busted Hose and Up the Ladder and Modified Flammable Liquid Fire Extinguishment.

After the triumphant event, the Overall Champions per category are as follows:


1st– Aurora- lone                      1st –Bulacan                            1st– Marquee Mall

2nd– Bulacan District 1             2nd – Aurora                            2nd – Nutri Asia Inc

3rd – Tarlac District 1              3rd– Pampanga                                    3rd– NGCP

The event winners under Male Category:

EVENT 1                                                                      EVENT 2


1st– Zambales District 1                                   1st– Bulacan District 2

2nd– Nueva Ecija District 2                               2nd– Pampanga District 3

3rd – Aurora Lone                                           3rd– Bulacan District 3

EVENT 3                                                                     EVENT 4


1st – Bulacan District 1                                     1st– Aurora Lone

2nd– Aurora Lone                                             2nd– Bulacan District 4

3rd – Tarlac District 2                                       3rd– Bulacan District 1

                                                     EVENT 5

                                                BLITZ ATTACK

1st- Tarlac District 1

2nd– Bataan District 1

3rd– Aurora Lone

            The event winners under Female Category:

         EVENT 1                            EVENT 2                                                EVENT 3

HOSE ON SHOULDER              PUMP AND ROLL WITH                              BLITZ ATTACK

           RELAY                               TURRET TARGET

1st- Bulacan                               1st– Pampanga                                     1st– Aurora

2nd– Tarlac                                2nd– ORD                                            2nd– Bulacan

3rd– Nueva Ecija                         3rd– Aurora                                         3rdNueva Ecija

The event winners under Industrial Category

  EVENT 1                                         EVENT 2                                     EVENT 3

RESCUE AND TRANSFER                 PUMP AND ROLL WITH                     BLITZ ATTACK

  RELAY OPERATIONS                           TURRET TARGET

1st– Nutri Asia Inc                             1st– Marquee Mall                      1st– NGCP

2nd– UNAHCO                                    2nd – Yokohama                      2nd– James L Gordon

               Memorial Hospital

         3rd – Sunworld Fire and                    3rd– UNAHCO                              3rd – Anvaya Cove

                Rescue Squad                                                                                   Fire Brigade

6th Mr and Ms CLFO 2016:

MALE CATEGORY                                FEMALE CATEGORY                INDUSTRIAL CATEGORY

1st– Bataan                                          1st– Tarlac                           1st- Dee Hwa Liong Datelcom

2nd– Bulacan                                        2nd – ORD                           2nd– Walter Mart

3rd – Pampanga                                   3rd– Bataan                          3rd– Petron Gasul

            This training doesn’t only prepare the BFP personnel and Industrial Fire Brigade for the occurrence conflagration. Now that we are facing the El Nino effect due to the climate change, Bureau of Fire Protection is mandated to respond to any manmade or natural calamities such as typhoon, flood and earthquake.

            Seismologists warning and inform the people to the upcoming enormous earthquake which they addressed as “the big one”. According to Seismologists, this big one allegedly affect the whole Metro Manila where Anggat Dam has a big potential to collapse and can release a large amount of water sufficient to submerge and deluge the counter Regions such as Region III and Region IV-A.

            Therefore, the cooperation, participation, camaraderie and oneness of the Industrial Fire Brigade, Barangay Fire Brigade, Bureau of Fire Protection and the whole community are necessary to conquest these emergencies and calamities.

            Congratulations to all the BFP personnel and Industrial Fire Brigades of Region III for a job well done! God bless and more power!

FO1 Keysilyn M Guinto

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