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             Life is full of struggles and challenges and in times when we almost loses our hopes, we find something/someone who makes our life worthwhile. There are times when we thought we are being abandoned or being punished by these incidents and then just a split of seconds God is there to enlighten our hearts and our minds that kind of experience is one example of what we call “blessing”. There are different kinds of blessings in this world. Sometimes what we lack can be seen with others but what important is we are being blessed in different ways.

              The BFP-Olongapo City led by CINSP RONNIE B BARRERA together with his family and OPFM staffs organized a simple gathering in DSWD Center Old Cabalan, Mulawin Lane in conducting Outreach Program 2016 to less fortunate children. They made these children happy by bonding with them making them feel that they are loved. They give their best to simply put a smile to their faces by means of playing and dancing with them. This activity is also a thanks giving for all the blessings and achievements that we have surpassed in the past years of our existence.

               We are also being reminded from a quote from an unknown person “Never get tired of doing little things for others, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest parts of their hearts.”



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