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Beat Calamities! Educate…

The Philippines, as we all know, is a tropical country. Its geographical position and landscape as an archipelago within the “Ring of Fire” is expected to be bombarded with storms and earthquakes every year. Hence, being prepared with disasters is a must for all of us. As the rainy seasons come, people are expecting flooded streets, landslides, thunder storms, and for this year, even hurricanes. With all of these extreme calamities, many properties were devastated, millions of crops wasted and the hardest part even people’s lives.

Given the fact that we cannot control the climate, it is best that we should be prepared with the disasters that could be brought by it, as the saying goes, “Prevention is better than Cure”, so in order to prevent the loss of properties and lives, we the personnel of Concepcion Fire Station, Headed by our Municipal Fire Marshal allotted a serious amount of effort in educating the people of Concepcion through our programs, Junior Kiddie Fire Marshal and Ugnayan sa Barangay. We have conducted these programs in six (6) barangays namely Cafe, Culatingan, Sta. Cruz, Sta. Monica, Sto. Cristo, and Sto. Rosario and in two (2) elementary schools such as Sta. Cruz Elementary School and Minane SPED School. During these seminars and drills, we provided education on what to do during emergency situations like fire, earthquake and flash floods. We always stress to them that practicing today will make ourselves prepared for the future as it will naturally come out of us when a real disaster comes. We were also able to eliminate panic in ourselves knowing that we already know what to do in case of emergency. We also provided basic training for the Barangay Police regarding First Aid, Basic Life Support, and also Fire fighting Techniques knowing that they will be the first responders in the Barangay. Even some of the teachers were requesting for basic training regarding these skills as it will come in handy in a school setting. Through these, we are confident enough that we were able to disseminate and impart our knowledge and skills to them, does making them prepared.

We believe that through our unwavering efforts and dedication in educating people, more and more properties and lives will be saved and will be protected.

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