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              Success in and out of sports is directly related to the investments that you are willing to put. To win the glorious triumphs, it is not just about doing your best but to do whatever it takes, to drive us to do just a little bit more, to go a little harder, run a little faster, and make extra jumps to reach the gold tagged along with flaming victory. 

                Last October 14, 2016, the Bureau of Fire Protection Regional Office III conducted their sportsfest intended for FAIIC class, Alpha and Bravo Company, ORD and RMTG. It is not just a game for prize and winners, rather it is to unite and strengthen the ties that bound each team in order to provide an efficient and progressive public service. In spite of friendly competition, each team showed their efforts in persevering in bringing home the bacon. But with all the perseverance and dedication in attaining the bulls eye, the slot for an excellent team only belongs to those who set hardwork as an opportunity and stepping stone towards goal and it is undeniably taken by the high regards of the Office of the Regional Director that made up of diligent personnel. The unity and willingness exhibited by ORD personnel to the best had paid off as the Office of the Regional Director got to bring home the bacon.

                ORD was declared the winner of the recently concluded sportsfest held at Beverly Place, City of San Fernando, Pampanga. The basketball team comprises of players who certainly might qualify as PBA players as if they were not firefighters today. The team was led by our beloved and sports minded Regional Director C/SUPT. ALOVEEL B. FERRER.

                No one can ever achieve a worthwhile success in anything by putting out a halfhearted effort. In this event it only proves that we are not just firefighters, we can also be the best player and were being blessed with talent that we have refined and showcased with thoughts of that the heat of the battle is as sweet as victory. For those aspiring players who did not make it, keep on fighting regardless of what  is going on, and to this year’s champion, keep it flaming, keep on DEFENDING YOUR GLORY!!!.

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