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International Women’s Month 2017


Across different cultures and historical era, the important role of women in the development of an individual, of an institution, and even of the community to which they belong cannot be taken for granted. And while for the most part of our collective memory we have been accustomed to believe that women are only effective and significant at homes and other “nurturing” careers, the dramatic turn of events at the onset of the 20th Century have opened unlimited possibilities and opportunities for women which they do not enjoy earlier. Consequently, their voices began to reverberate in all aspects of humanity be it in politics, fashion, and even in professions formerly dominated by the male species.

As such, the female firefighters of BFP Region 3 live up to the expectations and legacy of their forbearers around the world. In this modern world, sadly to say where some people still see and regard women as little less than males, our extraordinary women have proven to the whole world that they are as efficient and proficient as their big-muscled brothers. They can also jog, crawl, rappel from a six-story building, run inside a burning building, save and rescue those who are in danger, yet still pose a lovely and charming smile. In actuality, their addition to the Bureau not only illustrates our our support towards gender awareness and equality but exemplifies our wholehearted commitment towards women empowerment and genuine change.

As a simple gesture of appreciation to their wondrous works and contributions, CSUPT ALOVEEL B FERRER, DPA awarded Medalya ng Papuri to all the female firefighters of this region. He enjoined everyone to be steadfast in their mandate to protect and serve the people, and continue to inspire every one by showing to the whole world that they have what it takes to be a true blooded firefighter.

Their long-protracted war against discrimination, unequal opportunities, and all forms of abuse is being fought everyday by our beloved women counterparts. Their battle is also our battle. Their victory is the victory of all. Our snappiest salute to all the lovely yet resilient, caring but firm and phenomenal wonder women of the BFP!

Happy National Women’s Month to everyone, from the bottom of hearts of all the Officers and men of BFP Region 3.

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