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Prepared by: FO1 Ma. Ramelle Anna D Peralta

Unit PIS, Casiguran FS

New Year was celebrated allover the world with great enthusiasm and fun. It is a special day for the people as this day is the beginning of the New Year and welcome the up coming year on their own way. People prepare foods, buy new clothes and use firecrackers and things that create loud sound to welcome New Year. In this matter, different government authorities and other concerned agencies were responsible for prevention of firecracker-related injuries and incidents.

Bureau of Fire Protection advanced its information dissemination campaign urging the public to follow firecracker safety regulations and guidelines. Giving flyers with fire safety tips, public’s observance and intensified inspection was undertaken to secure that the community is safe in the upcoming celebration. BFP together with other government agencies work hand in hand to attain its goal on Zero Firecracker-related incidents and injuries this year. BFP expects for lower if not totally zero cases of firecracker-related fire incidents and injuries this holiday season.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte signed Executive Order no. 28 in June 2017 limiting the use of Firecrackers. Which specifically confined the use of firecrackers to community fireworks display. Fire Station Personnel warn the public not to use bannedfirecrackers to prevent fireworks-related injuries, damage to property and worst, cause of death. Among the banned firecrackers are piccolo, superlolo,pla-pla, Goodbye Philippines and watusi. To those selling firecrackers and pyrotechnics permits from BFP, PNP and municipal government must be secured first. Those with no permits won’t be allowed to do business. If they do merchandise will be confiscated. BFP, PNP and municipal authorities identified only places for using firecrackers and pyrotechnics.

The drop in the number of cases this holiday season was partly attributed to heavy rain caused by tropical depression which dumped large volumes of rainfall in parts of Luzon and Visayas.

The Bureau of Fire Protection aims for a Fire-Safe Nation not just in this Season but all year round and years to come.

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