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It is the most common question we ask whenever we conduct earthquake drill. As part of the National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill, we explain as to why we needed to conduct such activity; for we fear and expect the worst if “The Big One” happens.

So, what really is “The Big One?”

                Studies claim that there is a possible magnitude 7.2 earthquake that can happen in the Philippines. Being situated in the so-called “Pacific Ring of Fire”, low-intensity earthquakes are quite normal in the Philippines, having the average of Four (4) earthquakes per day during the past years. But what’s bothersome is that according to the seismological observation done by Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology or PHIVOLCS, statistics shows different compare to their data last year. As of September 27, 5 earthquakes have already occurred (magnitude 3.2 being the highest), 16 earthquakes happened last September 26 (magnitude 4.0 being the highest) and 33 earthquakes happened last September 25 (mostly in Davao Oriental, as stated in the data of Phivolcs) as so on. Although the magnitude isn’t really that strong, the statistical data clearly suggests that the movement of the Philippine Terrain is more active compare to the past years. And that is the reason why NSED is important to raise awareness in order the people to be ready for any earthquake that might occur.

                Our OIC/Municipal Fire Marshal SFO4 Jose N Ildefonso, spearheads the information dissemination and observance of National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill in various schools. Ensuring that awareness and consciousness of the younger generation is already developing, we continue to teach others the importance of this activity and together with the LGU and LDRRMC in protecting the society, one step at a time.



By: FO1 Maharlika Isabel A Aquino


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